Kompac UV & Aqueous Coaters Overview

UV & Aqueous Coaters
for Digital or Conventional Print

Change coatings in as little as 2 minutes
Digital UV Curing uses 25% less electricity
Lowest coating per sheet usage in the industry

EZ Koat Product Line

Flood Coating

Perfect for digital and conventional presses
Quick coating changes with Kompaq Vac

  • EZ Koat 15
  • EZ Koat Web 15
  • EZ Koat 20 Plus
  • EZ Koat 30 Plus

Kwik Finish Product Line

Flood, Spot or Textured Spot

Perfect for high volume or specialty coating
Many automation & customization options
Quick coating changes with Kompaq Vac

  • Kwik Finish 20
  • Kwik Finish 26
  • Kwik Finish 32

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Kompac UV Coaters
Kompac UV Coaters

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